“Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.”

— David Carson


Imagery in my work is inspired by the industrial urban environment I encountered growing up in the “rustbelt” of the Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburg areas. Stark, strong landscapes and commercial infrastructures, often in a state of erosion, are the subjects of my photography and intermedia works.

Raised in the snowbelt along the Lake Erie shore, I credit the harsh winters, with heavy snowfalls creating ambiguous forms and crisp, clean edges, with developing my isolation design aesthetic.

A background in graphic design and foundations education has heavily influenced my work, where I apply the same elements and principles of design process to photographic space and forms.


In my photography, I isolate and simplify subject matter down to the basic elements of design and form, often to the point of abstracting the image beyond recognition and without subject matter.

Images are digitally photographed, then processed and printed from a Macintosh system with Adobe programs and an Epson printer.